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by MQ. 18-04-2009.

My early experience in the field of the voluntary work began in 1994, when I met for the first time an Ivoirian university student in Madrid, where he was continuing his religious formation in the philosophy faculty. He had arrived into Seville’s education plans two years before and, after finishing his introductory courses, he was urged to move to a more advanced university campus. The first day we shared a conversation about his troubles in holding together a foreign language and those epistemological concepts his professors were forcing him to understand. I warned him not to surrender to the complexity induced by his life goals and encouraged him to move away from negativeness. Then he asked me to help him to overcome his linguistic limitations, and so began a friendship that would bring me to discover West Africa.

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Three years later I had the opportunity to visit Ivory Coast as my father’s friend, an African traditional king of the Agni tribe (the ancient Ashanti ethnic group migrated from the north western Niger River), decided to suggest me exploring their country. That supposed for me to let a dream become true, despite it wasn’t exactly as expected!

Of course I enjoyed a lot taking part in this trip but, by the way, this meant having to change my mind about relations between dreams and reality. What I could see there wasn’t what it was supposed to be! Those weren’t bucolic people living in an idyllic garden, but impoverished families, most of them not having enough resources to feed their children, fighting to survive every day in a cruel environment where a few were too much wealthy and the majority extremely poor.

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That discovering trapped my soul into a compulsory desire: I wished to do my best, hoping to bring some help! So that was two years later, when I returned to the land, the beginning of a project still evolving. We have now two associations under way. One of them works there centred in developing of caoutchouc agriculture to serve as an impulse for the village's economies. The other one, Egueire (, have been recently formed in Spain by some generous and conscious people who want to make their contribution to a more solidary world.

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