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Apuntes Documentación III

Iniciamos una colección de diversos trabajos, apuntes y exámens realizados para las diferentes materias del plan de estudios del 2º ciclo de Documentación.

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  1. Técnicas de Gestión y Comunicación:

    pdf [0,2 MB] PEC1 2006 Solucionada.

    pdf [0,2 MB] PEC2 2006 Solucionada.

    pdf [0,2 MB] PEC3 2006 Solucionada.

    pdf [0,2 MB] PEC4 2006 Solucionada.

  2. Multimediay Comunicación.

    pdf [0,2 MB] PEC1 2006-1 y ejemplo de Solución.

    pdf [0,2 MB] PEC2 2006-1 y ejemplo de Solución.

    pdf [0,2 MB] PEC3 2006-1 y ejemplo de Solución.

  3. English I:

    pdf [0,2 MB] CA-5. Composition: Prime time TV.

    I've always loved very much those Science-Fiction series plenty of aliens, spaceships and universe exploration initiated on 1966 when Star Trek debuted on television screens across America. All about Star Trek stories trap my attention from the beginning to the end of each episode. Despite the big differences among them, every season of the series won a prize.

    From the original one to the last presented in 2001, Star Trek Enterprise, they all can only be described as fanciful and gorgeous series. But I recognize that my all time favourite is Enterprise. I hardly appreciate the surprising Voyager's character of Captain Kathryn Janeway, however, I admire the realism of Scott Bakula portraying vessel's Captain Jonathan Archer fighting enemy aliens and, on the way, his own human emotions.

    When this series was released in Spain I remember as after watching only a few minutes of Broken Bow, the first episode, I was already converted in a new "trekkie" as an Enterprise addicted. I realized that I liked very much that fact that they imagine our future life into far space.

    Despite the poor audience reached by Star Trek by the year 2005 that caused its end, I hope it will return one day. In the meanwhile I look forward to any space opera as impressive as Star Trek. Surely there has to be soon a new one!

  4. English II:

    pdf [0,0 MB] CA-6. Composition: Discover Writing.

    Is a thorough knowledge of proper grammar and mastering sentence's structure of the texts what defines a classic writer or these are mere qualifications for an academic journalist? Which are the main requirements for a writer to be bestowed as a classical author? The disquisition about prevalence of contents as confronted to formal aspects in the making of masterpiece texts provides one of the enduring themes in literature. To my mind the disparities that have been considered so far are superfluous!

    My concern is solely with admitting that a classic author could be anyone enough talented to take primitive facts from apparent worlds and metamorphose them into some kind of amazement. Many literary critics scarcely keep in mind any misgiving but the ability to be creative and genuine as criterion for judging any literate job. Classics can be read as part of some serious study but they can't be anymore worshipped with no focussing on its reading pleasure!

    To recommend a book to someone I must first recognise that I enjoy the classics as well as other contemporary compositions whereas both have never finished to say what they have to say, as brilliantly expressed Italo Calvino. In that viewpoint, classics are relevant at any time and will be treasured forever! And, finally, to make mention of someone that I genuinely loved and still remains being my favorite, I could remark "The Journeyer", by Gary Jennings, a shocking version of Marco Polo's life.

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